Lesli C.

The MIPS consulting services provided by Inform Diagnostics are extraordinary. The complexity of MIPS was daunting until Inform Diagnostics provided us with a proactive and concise strategy that was effective and efficient, which was critical for our small dermatology practice. We had dedicated staff assist us with every aspect of MIPS, some of which included staff education, workflow development, security risk assessment and data improvement. They were with us every step of the attestation and submission process as well. The team assigned to us were exceptionally professional, responsive and hands-on. Something I did not expect was the enthusiasm that they instilled with our staff. They not only offer assistance but see it all the way through to resolution of the issue. Due to the astounding partnership that developed, we not only met our objective for MIPS for 2017, but exceeded it by reporting 100% success in each category. This would not have been attainable were it not for our devoted Inform Diagnostics team. We highly recommend utilizing the consulting services provided by Inform Diagnostics.