Miraca Life Sciences Offers Webinars on PTEN and ERG Testing

Learn how to leverage PTEN and ERG testing as a prognostic marker for more aggressive cancers

In November, Inform Diagnostics (MLS) will offer a series of webinars demonstrating the value of molecular markers, such as PTEN and ERG, in diagnosing prostate cancer. PTEN loss correlates with more advanced stage of prostate cancer, making it a prognostic marker for more aggressive cancers. PTEN is a key tumor suppressor gene in prostate cancer, and deletion of PTEN occurs in up to 50-70% of advanced prostate tumors.

These molecular markers offer additional insight beyond what a traditional prostate biopsy can provide.

  • PTEN is a prognostic marker that helps to identify indolent versus aggressive prostate cancers
  • Combined PTEN loss and ERG overexpression status are indicators of aggressive disease
  • ERG overexpression is 98.1% specific to adenocarcinoma, aiding in a more definitive diagnosis
  • ERG positive High Grade PIN suggests a need for a subsequent biopsy

We know the importance of accurate, timely results, and our commitment is to give you the information you need to provide the right answer to your patients. Free webinars are offered at the following times:

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men, with one case diagnosed in every six men. The ACS estimates about 240,000 men will be diagnosed with the disease in 2013.

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