New Case Study Research Available at No Cost to Dermatologist Physicians and Healthcare Providers

Director of Dermatopathology at Inform Diagnostics, Dr. Elsa Velazquez-McGuirk, launches effort to educate and inform dermatologists by examining the principles of providing accurate and definitive diagnoses for complex cases.

Today, Inform Diagnostics, the nation’s largest independent anatomical pathology provider, released five teaching case studies examining the principles of providing accurate and definitive diagnoses for complex cases. The multidisciplinary body of work addresses the complexity of delivering life-saving health care diagnoses and technologies. These five teaching case studies are available to global health educators, students and practitioners at no cost through a webinar series launching in January.

Dr. Elsa Velazquez-McGuirk, Director of Dermatopathology at Inform Diagnostics Life Sciences, said, “The publication of these cases—online, and freely accessible to the practitioners, students and educators who will benefit most from them—is an important step toward improving patient health. This commitment to unparalleled subspecialty dermatopathology via ongoing clinical education, research, and innovation allows clinicians to determine optimal treatment the first time, giving patients the best possible treatment options.”

Dr. Velazquez-McGuirk, together with Dr. Matthew Johnson, Board Certified Dermatopathologist for Inform Diagnostics, launched this effort with the goal of rapidly disseminating knowledge to practitioners. The cases document and highlight the need to pinpoint the right diagnosis and allow for the right treatment at the earliest possible time, to ensure positive patient outcomes, conserve healthcare resources and reduce costs for everyone.

“Increasingly, our research is directly strengthening the care we deliver and our ability to replicate and scale successes,” said Velazquez-McGuirk. “To be able to share in our research has been, and continues to be, of profound benefit to the work of the dermatologist practitioners we serve. These cases capture the richness and complexity of delivering care for a variety of complex conditions to help practitioners understand the principles of delivering high value care tailored to the medical condition and the populations served.”

To view the webinar on our site, click here.

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