Miraca Life Sciences Announces Results of Recent Objective Diagnostic Quality Measures

Today, Inform Diagnostics (MLS), the largest independent anatomical pathology lab in the United States, reported that they are now adopting a new benchmark to objectively measure the quality of anatomical pathology services and diagnostic accuracy. MLS announced that they will begin publishing their concordance rates with outside academic institutions as an unbiased measure of quality.

Each year, thousands of patients request a review from leading academic institutions, typically as part of their follow-up care, and sometimes just as a second opinion. In reviewing nearly 3,000 cases over the most recent trailing 12 months, MLS reported 100% Concordance rates for major diagnoses, and 99.4% Concordance rates for minor diagnoses. MLS’s Concordance rates for major and minor diagnoses are obtained from unbiased third party review by important institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson, Mayo Clinic, UCSF and University of Michigan.

Although published research on this topic is limited, compared to MLS’s Concordance rates of 99.4%, other lab groups report Concordance rates of 92.1% to 96.3%*. Therefore, for every 10,000 patients, MLS is reporting approximately 60 Minor discrepancies versus published data which indicates other labs are running at 370 to 790 Major and Minor discrepancies per 10,000 patients, a rate that is 6 to 15 times that of MLS.

Richard Lash, MD, Chief Medical Officer at the Inform Diagnostics, noted that he believes the superior concordance rates are “due to a variety of factors, including subspecialty expertise, consensus-based terminology and criteria, ongoing educational and research activities, and our unique Diagnosis-based Analytic Quality Assurance (DAQA) program. This program involves a statistical review of diagnostic code usage, designed to identify, analyze and educate in order to minimize areas of interpretive variability.”

*Hahm et al. Arch Pathol Lab Med 2001;125:736-739. Renshaw & Gould. Am J Clin Pathol 2005;124:878-882. Weir et al. AJCP 2003;120:405-412.

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