Miraca Life Sciences Formalizes and Expands Breast Pathology Business

Inform Diagnostics, the nation’s largest independent anatomic pathology lab, has formalized and expanded its breast pathology offering, to include critical testing for both cancer risk and prognosis.

Expansion includes new services for clinicians, including interventional radiologists, breast surgeons, and breast oncologists

Inform Diagnostics’ breast pathology services feature:

  • Definitive diagnoses of breast conditions
  • Consensus-based approach to terminology and diagnostic criteria
  • Quantitative prognostic markers
  • Heredity breast cancer panels
  • Molecular tumor profiling
  • TNM (tumor, lymph nodes, metastasis) staging
  • Daily consensus conferences to review difficult cases and ensure the most definitive diagnoses

The expansion of the breast pathology offering is made possible in part by the capabilities provided by Baylor Inform Diagnostics Genetics Laboratories, a joint venture of Inform Diagnostics and the Baylor College of Medicine that was finalized last month.

Raheela Ashfaq, MD, Director of Breast Pathology

Raheela Ashfaq, MD, Director of Breast Pathology

Raheela Ashfaq, MD, has been named Director of Breast Pathology. She also serves on the scientific advisory board of Baylor Inform Diagnostics Genetics Laboratories. Dr. Ashfaq has more than 20 years of experience in diagnosing breast conditions, both at Inform Diagnostics and at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. After a residency in pathology and a fellowship in surgical pathology at UT Southwestern,Dr. Ashfaq joined the academic faculty, culminating with professorships in the Department of Pathology and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. While at UT Southwestern, Dr. Ashfaq directed the breast core needle biopsy service and the OncoDiagnostics Laboratory for biomarker testing. She was also involved in translational research in breast cancer. Previously as the Medical Director of Caris Life Sciences, she helped to launch molecular profiling for breast cancer.

The Inform Diagnostics’ breast pathology service also features expert pathologists Guy Lindberg, MD, Savvas Mendrinos, MD, Kevin McQuaid, MD, Hossein Saboorian, MD, and Sahar Samaha, MD. The development of the breast pathology offering at Inform Diagnostics is led by Ms. Vicki Hawkins, Vice President of Product Development, who joined the company in 2003.

“At Inform Diagnostics, clinicians get access to the most advanced expertise, testing, and reporting, so that patients and their families get the right answer,” said Richard Lash, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Inform Diagnostics. “Our team is well positioned to be the preeminent provider of breast pathology services, offering a sophisticated consultative service to help clinicians design the optimal treatment plan for each patient.”

About Inform Diagnostics

Inform Diagnostics provides the highest quality anatomic pathology services, primarily in the fields of dermatology, hematology, gastroenterology, urology, and breast health. The company’s team of nearly 90 academic-caliber subspecialists utilizes state-of-the-art pathology laboratories to serve more than 5,500 patients every day. Inform Diagnostics continuously improves diagnostic precision through consensus-based terminology and criteria, rigorous quality assurance, daily consensus conferences, extensive educational and training activities, and close relationships with clinical partners. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Inform Diagnostics Life Sciences is a subsidiary of Inform Diagnostics Holdings, Inc., Japan’s largest clinical diagnostics and laboratory testing service provider. For more information, visit www.MiracaLifeSciences.com.

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