Having [the patient diagnosis explanation] with the pathology report helps…them understand their disease
The patient info is well written and understandable. Although we have lots of information, finding it when you need it is the problem. Having it with the pathology report helps. It takes four encounters with a patient for them to understand their disease or condition. The PDPA program can help with at least one of those encounters.
Saves us time
The Point of Diagnosis Patient Advocacy (PDPA) program saves us time explaining to the patient the information Miraca now provides.
Miraca has made our life much easier

We are a very busy Urology office located in the Houston Medical Center. We have been in business for over 20 years and have used different pathology labs in the past, with both positive and negative experiences. Miraca is the most outstanding among all of them. Mark Cate, our Sales Director, is professional, sincere and attentive. He and his team are always available when we need anything. He kept us informed of the latest market information and provided all possible solutions to any problem we have encountered. Their customer service is above our expectations.

Our experience with Miraca is all on the good side. The lab staff is responsive, prompt and accurate.

We have also engaged their technical department to help us with Meaningful Use in the past two years. They have provided exceptional assistance in making sure that we understand and pass all measures.

In summary, Miraca has made our life much easier by providing the necessary technology, the most professional service and excellent customer service. We are very happy and grateful about our business relationship.

/ Houston, TX
Positive all the way around
My experience with Miraca has been positive all the way around. The staff are professional and prompt. They not only offer assistance but see it all the way through to problem resolution. I appreciate the professional relationship and easy access to Howard [Gervasoni], Zac [Whaley], and Amberlyn [Abbott], as well as their diligent efforts to make our needs a priority. They never fail to work as a team to ensure a seamless interface experience.

EMA Derm has provided an avenue for complete transition and utilization of electronic medical records—from pathology follow-up to having the ability to provide the pathologist with clinical notes and photos of difficult clinical cases. This experience allows me to have confidence that I’m providing the best ‘up to date’ care for my patients. I appreciate having direct access to pathologists and their willingness to offer assistance when I need them.
/ Jackson, MS
We recommend Miraca to any breast radiologist, surgeon or oncologist
Women’s Center for Radiology uses Miraca for breast pathology. Our radiologist and staff have been pleased with the service from the team at Miraca. With its unique consensus approach and commitment to research, we are more confident in the diagnoses we received.

From years of performing breast biopsies, prior to using Miraca, we often questioned the lab, as the pathology did not match our suspicions. With the partnership approach to our breast pathology, we are confident that our clients are getting quality readings.

We recently engaged Miraca to assist with Meaningful Use reporting and other requirements. We are pleased with our responses from Miraca’s Technical Director, Client Service Advocates, Technical Account Specialist and our Sales Director Steve Sharp. We look forward to our continued working relationship.

In summary, we recommend Miraca to any breast radiologist, surgeon or oncologist. We are sure the experience you receive from Miraca will be exceptional.
/ Orlando, FL
Knowledgeable help, and feeling like I wasn’t alone
I have to tell you… what an excellent tech support team Miraca has. They are always available and ready to help me with any issues that Danbury Surgical Center has. I just can’t say enough positive things about the help and support each of their employees gave. We had a server crash, multi-care issues, faxing modem problems — I almost forgot the printer problems. Dell worked with us, Provation worked with us; both while your tech and I were on the phone. They gave me the security of having knowledgeable help, and feeling like I wasn’t alone with the mess. Please continue to praise and appreciate your wonderful technical support team.
Miraca dermatopathologists go beyond quality and accuracy
I can’t say enough good things about our experience with the entire Miraca team. The turnaround time from the lab is excellent, and it’s reassuring to know that only board-certified dermatopathologists are reviewing our specimens. Another huge bonus is that if we send them a tough case, they are able to review it at their case conference, so we get the reassurance that several experienced dermatopathologists have reviewed it and come to a consensus. This is not only reassuring for our physicians, but also for our patients. I am 100% confident with the Miraca pathologists’ diagnoses.

Miraca dermatopathologists are quick to respond to any questions that we have and always call on melanoma patients. Miraca dermatopathologists go beyond quality and accuracy—they not only provide accurate diagnoses, but they do it in a timely manner. I once had a case that I was concerned about and had a question on. The dermatopathologist that had read it was on vacation when I called Miraca—I was shocked when I received a phone call from him minutes later! True dedication!

Client services and technical support are extremely attentive to our needs and answer any questions in a matter of minutes, not hours. If we need supplies, we usually receive them by the next day.

In addition, Miraca’s sales team is exceptional. Unlike most sales personnel, they are not pushy and genuinely want to know how they can make our office flow run smoother. Our rep, Amberlyn [Abbott], is always available and responds to our needs in a timely manner. Our technical account specialist and technical director have been instrumental in our understanding of Meaningful Use and PQRS. In the day-to-day operations of running a busy dermatology practice, who has time to keep up with all of this? Zac [Whaley] and Howard [Gervasoni] made sure we were aware of what we needed to be doing to pass MU, meet our PQRS measures, and even helped us attest. They made something that should have been difficult easy.

EMA Derm has changed our practice by keeping our office flowing smoothly. We tested several dermatology-specific EMRs, and by far, EMA was the most user friendly. No more paper charts taking up space and no more wasting 20 minutes searching for a chart—EMA puts it all at our fingertips. Because of this interface, we are able to allow the dermatopathologist to read the patient’s clinical history and even see a photograph of the patient’s skin condition. Being able to send a clinical photo or note to our Miraca dermatopathologist along with the biopsy ensures that they get the ‘entire’ picture, allowing them to give us a more definitive answer on the biopsy report. Armed with this information and the biopsy, it gives the dermatopathologists more information to base their diagnosis on. Being able to tell patients that we have this capability gives them confidence in the diagnosis they receive.
/ Mandeville, LA
With Miraca’s help we achieved our goals
We’re pleased with the excellent MU resources that Steve Sharp has provided, and the advocacy he has taken on our behalf. Howard Gervasoni is a true MU SME, helping us to understand the rules and their applicability to us on a pragmatic basis, assisting [with] implementing the compliance mechanics within our practice’s clinical operations, guiding our scorekeeping analytics as we monitored our performance through the measurement periods, testing our IT systems and security as appropriate, and supporting our input submission and validation processes. In addition to technical competence, he has great interpersonal skills—important in helping irritated lay people deal with a perceived “nuisance” endeavor. The “bottom line” is that with Miraca’s help we achieved our MU goals which were of significant consequence to us!
/ Sebring, FL
Pathology transition was flawless
Thank you for everything you have done for my clinic. In any office, the transition from one EMR to another can be a scary and difficult phase. The combination of switching EMR and the challenges faced with Meaningful Use and PQRS could have been disastrous. I am extremely grateful to find that Miraca employs such talented and professional individuals. I would like to personally thank Jackie Zamojski and Zachary Whaley for going above and beyond the call of duty. Their countless hours and effort made what appeared to be unachievable seem quite effortless. Having Miraca, Jackie, Zach, and the entire support team is greatly appreciated.

The pathology transition was flawless. My patients have grown accustomed to a speedy report and the transition caused no additional delay. I have complete confidence in the Miraca team and I truly feel that this could not have been accomplished without your support.
/ New Braunfels, TX
High-quality, clinically relevant pathology reports
In 2002, the Fort Worth Endoscopy Center and Southwest Fort Worth Endoscopy Center began relying on Miraca Life Sciences for evaluation of our gastrointestinal tissue specimens. Within only a few years, all of our staff physicians were sending 100% of our tissue specimens to Miraca Life Sciences because of their prompt (24-48 hr), high quality, clinically relevant pathology reports. The eleven-year relationship between our medical staff and the gastrointestinal pathology specialists of Miraca Life Sciences has served both our patients and physicians very well.
Light years ahead of competitors
Miraca is so much more organized than any other lab. They’re really light years ahead of their competitors in quality and data.
/ Lenox Hill,
They are so knowledgeable
EMA has changed our practice for the better. We recently expanded our office, and gained a new provider and employees who have never used an EMR. They had a week to learn the system. Not only were educational materials and tutorials provided, but Amy Schmid personally came into the office to help answer questions. The system is so user friendly. Every aspect and detail has been included. Sending clinical notes and pictures to the pathologist make communication and second opinions that much easier. We are so lucky that we have a pathologist we know and trust, who we can call with questions at any hour. Our daily routine has now been completely streamlined. The Miraca support team is always available, even if it’s a quick text. I cannot stress enough how great it is to know someone is always there, especially when it came time to attest for Meaningful Use and PQRS. It was my first year attesting for our practice and was a day I initially dreaded. Kimberly Johnson and Amy Schmid helped me run reports each month to make sure our practice was on track, then came in and made attestation look easy. They are so knowledgeable. Then to top it off, we have our sales rep, Laura Richards, who is always available when we need her and happy to help. I can’t imagine our practice without EMA and our Miraca team. Thank you for going above and beyond.
/ Scottsdale, AZ
Your dermatopathologists are awesome!
Your dermatopathologists are awesome! It is a huge gift to have your pathologists working with me. It’s amazing what a difference accurate diagnoses make in the quality of care I can provide.
/ Fairbanks, AK
I highly recommend Miraca for dermatopathology
I have used [Miraca] for the past six years for histopathologic examination of skin specimens obtained in my dermatology practice. I have always found their reports to be well written, easy to understand and summarized quite nicely. They have never abused the privilege of using special stains for their own profit, and yet when special stains were performed, they were always appropriate to the case and helpful to me.

Their reporting language has been clear, concise, to the point, and helpful. Their differential diagnoses have been always on point, and usually summarized in decreasing order of likelihood. On many occasions, the pathologist himself has picked up the phone and called me to discuss the case and learn my clinical impressions. As you can imagine, that is invaluable to both of us.

Their reports are timely, on any malignant melanoma I get an immediate written confirmation, and I ALWAYS get a phone call directly from the pathologist. In such cases, they are careful to mention that those cases were reviewed by a panel of their experts in-house, and sometimes were sent to outside experts as well. This is always comforting to me, particularly in a case wherein there may be atypical pigmented tissue and a consensus opinion has been reached. In fact, they have even gone to the trouble of naming the dermatopathologists whether inside their organization or in outside academic institutions they have consulted.

It must be obvious by now that I highly recommend Miraca for dermatopathology examinations, and I certainly intend to continue using their services. Although I have never met any of them in person, I feel they are my friends because we have spoken both medically and socially on the phone during these consultations. They often ask me as many clinical questions about the patient as I ask them histopathological questions regarding their own differential diagnoses.

I recommend using their laboratory and physicians most highly and without reservation. I might also add that in six years I have never had one specimen mixed up, lost, or received any phone call “apologizing” for confusing one specimen with another, even on the same patient. This is rare. You will not regret your decision to use them.

As another pleasant and unexpected surprise, the support team at Miraca has been invaluable in helping us with Meaningful Use. They are beyond experts in their field, and have saved us countless hours of negotiating the internecine melange of rules. Their staff comes to our office periodically and walks us through Meaningful Use, and no other webinar or course has even come close! They know the rules cold, and they simplify it for us. That alone is worth the price of admission.
/ Austin, TX
Rapid access to their results
The entire team is extremely helpful, very available and hands on! They are very quick to reply to any patient inquiries and if we have lab questions. Also if there is a potential lab result which requires immediate attention, they are very efficient in getting that message through to us.

Jose [De La Rosa] has been a vital part of our transition from paperless to EMR. He really emphasizes the importance of setting in the correct protocols and empowering staff members, as well as dividing responsibilities effectively. EMA Dermatology has been a life changer. We have had a different EMR and been paper for a while, and EMA has the ability to provide us with a comprehensive care outline. EMA Derm has made our practice more efficient: the best part is the patient portal, as well as the lab link between EMA and Miraca, which enables us to view patient results in a fast and timely manner. Also, that they attach directly into the patient’s chart is very helpful.

The main patient benefit I’ve seen is that they have rapid access to their results. This is also because Jose has set us up with daily lab pick-up, so now we can give our patients their results within 3-5 days as opposed to two weeks.

Miraca lab has been great. The pathologists always give accurate and specific information, they request stains and notify us every step of the way if there are delays, etc. We enjoy working with Jose and the whole Miraca team and look forward to continuing to do so. Thanks!
/ Wellington, FL
You will be very pleased if you choose Miraca
We have been using Miraca for about 20 months, and they are outstanding. They have a daily conference with all of their Dermpaths across the country where they [collaborate on] tough cases. Miraca has long been our group, and [our practice is] very happy with them and reassured by their special daily conference and big name Derms. They have overridden several diagnoses from local known-dermpath groups that have [resulted in] big changes in care. You will be very pleased if you choose Miraca. They are on top of it: photos are great, special stains only when needed, and quick service, too.
The most supportive client service team
The entire Miraca team has been the most supportive client service team we have ever dealt with. After 18 years as a clinical supervisor with our practice, I have been most impressed with the accessibility and commitment of the entire team to facilitate any and all services available to help grow our practice with the most current tools available. From Amberlyn [Abbott], our sales rep, to Lindsay [Alexander] and Zac [Whaley], our technical support, we have never heard, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘We do not do that.’ They are the most dedicated team to find answers. If they don’t have them, they find them!!
/ Dayton Beach, FL
Commitment to excellence is evident
We often call EMA one of the most valuable parts of our staff, one that we enjoy working with and couldn’t imagine caring for patients without. The Miraca interface to EMA Dermatology is a powerful tool for accurate and thorough follow-up and tracking of biopsy results. There is simply no comparison to the manual logs we used to keep, particularly since this allows for all of our staff to easily access crucial information at the point of care. One of the biggest challenges at the end of the year is submitting Meaningful Use and PQRS data to CMS. The structured data from EMA and the Miraca interface simplifies this process, which has saved us thousands of dollars in penalties, and allowed us to qualify for the full incentives every year the program has been in effect.

Miraca’s commitment to excellence is evident in the extremely high quality of its dermatopathologists and highly dedicated and professional support staff—including the sales director, technical director, client support specialist, and technical account specialist. Their dermatopathologists work in a uniquely collaborative environment dedicated to continued education and the advancement of knowledge, bringing their world-class expertise to bear on each patient’s histopathological findings. The uniform terminology provided clearly communicates the histologic findings and helps to define an individualized treatment path for each patient.

If I have any questions, the Miraca dermatopathologists are easily accessible via a quick email or phone call. Miraca’s technical director and technical account specialist help us smoothly navigate the otherwise arcane and confusing rules and regulations of CMS’s ever-changing Meaningful Use, PQRS, and other requirements. Miraca and EMA Dermatology allow us to focus on providing excellent patient care, knowing that our practice partners are helping us to negotiate and overcome an ever-shifting practice landscape. We, our patients, and all Miraca clients are truly fortunate to have such impressive resources at our disposal!
/ Ithaca, NY
Very positive experience...with the entire Miraca team
With EMA Derm, I feel my notes are more accurate. I really like being able to incorporate digital photos for rashes/lesions into the note. The Miraca pathology interface with EMA Derm streamlines the work, making it easier and more efficient. I really like being able to pull up the path results on the iPad and review them with the patient. Sending clinical photos helps with clinicopathologic correlation. As the saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ EMA Derm and the structured data from Miraca have made the process much easier!

Not only do I trust the diagnoses from Miraca pathologists, but I appreciate their willingness to call if they have questions. In addition, difficult path diagnoses are reviewed [at Miraca] by more than one doctor.

Miraca’s technical account team provided excellent help and assistance, as well as were very responsive to questions. It’s been a very positive experience working with the entire Miraca team. They are professional, personable, and have helped us utilize technology more effectively.
/ Cedar Rapids, IA
Dermatopathologists are very easy to work with and will pick up the phone
We have worked with Miraca for more than a year, and they have been incredibly helpful and efficient! Like many offices, Meaningful Use has been a challenge, but Miraca has been there to answer all our questions, walk us through changes, and most importantly keep us compliant. The dermatopathologists are very easy to work with and will pick up the phone to discuss pathology if there are any questions. We work closely with Jackie Zamojski and Zachary Whaley—both are professional, helpful and very easy to work with. They are a wonderful team that has made our job easier!
/ San Antonio, TX
I can’t express enough how helpful Miraca has been
Before using EMA, we were paper based. Our use of EMA became exponentially more efficient once we partnered with Miraca. We like the seamless integration of path reports. So instead of needing to find a paper report and scan it into EMA, the results integrate right into the chart.

The patient experience is very different since using the EMR. Instead of running around when the patient arrives for suture removal—‘Where’s their path? Is it pulled? Is it in their chart? Is it in a pile? Is it in a folder?’—we simply now pull it up on the desktop. And we get fewer phone calls from the [Miraca] pathologists, because the company that we used before would call us: ‘What was the morphology? What did it look like? Is it a rash? Is this is lesion? What are you trying to rule out?’ And now that we can send [our] notes to the lab, we get fewer calls from [Miraca] dermatopathologists.

If you’re not on EMA, you should get EMA—it’s wonderful. And if you’re using EMA, you sure should be using Miraca. I can’t express enough how helpful Miraca has been to us.
/ Quincy, MA
Excellent provider support

After postponing electronic health records for as long as we could, our group of ten dermatologists, ranging in age from 30-something to 80-something, took the plunge with Modernizing Medicine’s EMA Dermatology. The transition, which began in October of 2015 and is still ongoing for a few of us, would have been next to impossible without the guidance and stewardship of Miraca Life Sciences’ extremely competent team of professionals. They have provided our technologically diverse group of physicians with tips and tricks to navigate through EMA’s wide array of offerings with patience and professionalism. They are consistently available, return phone calls and texts promptly, and check in on us weekly, often without solicitation, to assess our progress regarding the implementation of administrative changes that the electronic medical record has necessitated. Additionally, their team has removed the chaos and confusion from MU/PQRS preparedness, and has brought us to a state of compliance in a few short months. To quote one of our staff, ‘Honestly I can’t say enough for what they have done for us.’

Miraca’s pathologists have been equally diligent with regard to tailoring their reports to the specifications of each of our physicians. They return reports in a timely fashion, communicate their concerns quickly and have excellent provider support.

In sum, I would recommend a Miraca Life Sciences and EMA partnership highly and without reservation.

/ Westwood, NJ
Switched back to Miraca
“When I switched back to Miraca, I did it for pathology reasons. I had no idea they would be able to be so helpful in other respects. Many, many thanks.”
In dealing with Miraca, I always feel like a VIP
I was scared and reluctant to go to an EMR. Choosing EMA was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. My revenues went up, as I was no longer under-coding, feeling confident that the billing for the services I have been providing is being supported and thoroughly documented. EMA is intrinsically intelligent and easy to use, and after only one month, I felt secure and up to speed.

My partnership with Miraca was the second decision that I am deeply satisfied with. From the very beginning the sales team [Rick Ludwico] was attentive, polite, non-pushy and super reliable. I did not need to follow up with Miraca ever: everyone from the technical side to the pathologists are always prompt to return my calls and honor the promised deadlines. In my dealing with Miraca, I always feel like a VIP. It is refreshing and the way ALL businesses should be run.

The help I received in preparing for attestation was invaluable. As a physician, I want to dedicate myself to the art of healing, and the bureaucratic proceedings of the attestation felt like learning a foreign language while visiting a hostile country. Amy [Schmid], Joy [Rios], and Alec [Saysoff] were not only my interpreters, but also thoughtful and experienced private guides. They prevented the problems, laid out the itineraries way in advance , and respected my time. I cannot speak enough of their demeanor, professionalism, punctuality, and experience. Amy went above and beyond her duties, and her excitement about the services she provides is contagious.

I recommend EMA and Miraca to all my colleagues unequivocally.
/ Encino, CA
Saved us countless hours
Miraca has been extremely helpful to our office with Meaningful Use. It is such a complex task to undertake, and having knowledgeable people from Miraca to assist with each stage, work flow, and administration is invaluable. You guys have saved us countless hours. Everyone we’ve encountered from Miraca from the beginning like yourself [Rick Ludwico], and now with Joy [Rios], and Amy [Schmid] have been terrific. We count on you guys, and you have guided us throughout the whole process, making it so much easier than it would be otherwise!
/ Danville, CA
I would recommend Miraca Life Sciences to any practice.
Working with Laura Richards and the Miraca Life Sciences team over the past year and a half has been extremely helpful to me as a new practice manager. I work for a new and growing single physician practice. Not only is the physician happy with the pathologists, but whenever there is an issue or request by the doctor, Laura is quick to address and resolve it. As a practice manager, I have struggled every year to keep up with PRQS, Meaningful Use and HIPAA changes. Miraca has provided support and resources to guide me through the steps, and I am confident, if we were to be audited, that we would have no trouble passing. I would recommend Miraca Life Sciences to any practice. Our pathology process is efficient and the high level of assistance provided for Meaningful Use and other programs is simply not available anywhere else.