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Pathology Laboratory Services

Advanced Laboratory Services at Inform Diagnostics

Miraca Life Sciences is now Inform Diagnostics!

Serving more than 5,000 patients each day, Inform Diagnostics is a leading, anatomic pathology laboratory, providing diagnostic services in the fields of breast health, dermatology, gastroenterology, hematology and urology. Building on our experience with health IT, we also offer technology solutions and consulting services to assist clinicians and centers with MIPS and other reporting requirements.

Inform Diagnostics Research & Development Services utilize our expertise and resources as a premier anatomic pathology commercial laboratory. Inform Diagnostic’s difference is in our ability to draw upon the foundation of our commercial laboratory, to provide pathology, laboratory and data services.

We employ a talented team of leading pathologists, histologists, lab technicians, technology consultants, and other medical professionals — all driven to help provide the highest and most up-to-date levels of diagnostic quality, enhanced workflow and practice solutions possible. It’s part of our commitment to scientific excellence, as well as to our clinician clients and our patients.