Breast Pathology

Subspecialty Anatomic Pathology

Inform Diagnostics’ team of tenured breast pathologists are committed to diagnostic precision, providing you the ultimate confidence to care for your patients. 

We provide services for radiologists, surgeons, and oncologists in the area of breast disease treatment and management. Our team facilitates the full spectrum of care, including services for interventional radiologists, breast surgeons, and breast oncologists.


Our premier team of breast pathologists

All of our breast pathologists have extensive experience in diagnostic breast pathology. We are able to leverage their expertise in disease areas of focus across the entire practice during case consensus conferences that ensure our patients receive timely, definitive answers.

Breast Testing

Breast pathology services at Inform Diagnostics

InformDx offers a complete breast diagnostic service with ancillary testing serving interventional radiologists, surgeons, and oncologists.

Our timely services include:

  • Pathology for biopsies, needle localization, and lumpectomy
  • Fine needle aspiration of breast and lymph nodes
  • Confirm diagnoses, benign and malignant
  • Confirm calcifications
  • TNM staging per CAP protocols
  • ER, PR, Ki67, HER2 predictive, prognostic testing
  • Metastatic breast cancers in the axilla and other sites (FNA)
  • Flow cytometry on fresh tissue and body fluid
  • Sentinel lymph node protocols (H&E, IHC)

“Prior to using [Inform Diagnostics], we often questioned the lab, as the pathology did not match our suspicions. With the partnership approach to our breast pathology, we are confident that our clients are getting quality readings.”

MD, Radiology
Orlando, FL

Forms & Requisitions

Submit specimens to our breast pathology lab

Download forms and find the answers you need to submit specimens for breast pathology.