About Us

Your trusted laboratory services provider

Inform Diagnostics is a leading anatomic pathology laboratory. Our tenured pathologists provide reliable, high-quality diagnostic services in the following subspecialties:

Pathology Laboratory Services

Because patients deserve timely, accurate diagnoses

Across our organization, our employees are inspired to put patient care first through the most reliable, high-quality anatomic pathology services. Our advanced subspecialty expertise translates to better patient care through precise diagnoses and timely treatment.

  • Adaptability
    We invest and commit to continuous improvement and reliable anatomic pathology.
  • Quality
    Our experienced pathologists and rigorous processes—including random retrospective reviews and consensus case conferencing—translate to quality care.
  • Operational excellence
    Through our emphasis on innovation, we identify and implement ways that modernize our service for optimal patient care.
  • Face-to-face relationships
    Our subspecialty pathologists are available to discuss cases with clinicians at any time, one-on-one.
  • Best client experience
    Our service provides you peace of mind, so you can focus on building a sustainable practice.
  • Enterprise services
    We’re investing in modernized systems for seamless pathology service and optimal patient care.

Quality Assurance

Where high standards are the difference

At InformDx, we aim to be the most reliable, high-quality provider of anatomic pathology services. We are committed to providing our clients and patients with efficient, dependable, and high-quality service so that patients can start treatment faster, and clinicians can focus on creating value for their practices. As an organization we focus on continuous improvement, identifying and implementing ways to modernize our service for optimal patient care, and optimal value for our clients.

Watch our Journey of a Specimen video to see how our quality assurance processes—from the moment we receive a specimen—assure clinicians that they can act on our diagnoses with confidence.


Our story

Since 1996, we have remained committed to delivering the highest quality laboratory services for clinicians and their patients. We were founded as Pathology Partners and became InformDx in January 2018. From our headquarters in Coppell, Texas, we’re proud to have grown to be the largest national outpatient pathology laboratory, in large part thanks to the rigorousness of our quality assurance processes, the comprehensiveness of our solution offerings, and the experience, expertise, and dedication of our people.