For Payors

A trusted choice for anatomic pathology services

As the largest national outpatient pathology laboratory, Inform Diagnostics is trusted by numerous payors nationwide. We operate in all 50 states, with teams focused in each state to be available at any time to answer clinicians’ questions.

We assure specialty care by fellowship-trained experts to get the right diagnosis the first time, helping you use your resources efficiently.

Why Payors Choose Us

We help support Triple Aim initiatives

The Triple Aim framework was developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to optimize health system performance. The way we do pathology at InformDx helps support each aim of this framework.

Triple Aim framework
  • Improve the overall health of your population
    Analyze your member data against our national database of diagnoses. Our coded data—unique among labs—makes this possible.
  • Reduce per-capita costs of care
    Our subspecialist pathologists and daily consensus conferences enable Inform Diagnostics to provide in-house second opinions for your members at no additional cost.
  • Enhance the patient experience
    By getting the diagnosis right the first time, we benefit patients and help payors reduce the costs of additional office visits, repeat procedures, and unnecessary treatments.

Why Network Providers Choose Us

5 reasons to choose Inform Diagnostics

In addition to definitive diagnoses the first time and second opinions from in-house experts at no additional charge, these are the reasons network providers choose Inform Diagnostics for their pathology needs.

  1. Exceptional concordance
    Our pathology diagnoses are regularly reviewed when patients are referred to outside academic institutions and receive high concordance.
  2. Consensus medicine
    Both payors and clinicians appreciate our unique consensus approach, which includes daily subspecialty conferences and disease-focused reviews.
  3. Comprehensive expertise
    Providers are guaranteed a dedicated subspecialty expert on each case, and our volume of cases means repeated exposure to diagnosing conditions.
  1. Rigorous care of specimens
    Our state-of-the-art labs maintain specimen integrity and provide optimal material for pathologists thanks to processes including video recording and point-to-point tracking.
  2. Technology and research
    We are improving care through our own pathologists’ work, which is published routinely, as well as by uniquely codifying diagnostic data to provide payors with national benchmark data.