Collaborative Case Conferencing

Connect directly with our pathologists

At Inform Diagnostics, we encourage our pathologists to make personal connections with our valued clinician clients. It’s an important way that we can improve patient care together.

That’s why Inform Diagnostics offers secure video conferencing that enables clinicians to connect with our pathologists, one on one, to discuss past patient cases. During video conferencing, you can see both the pathologist and the patient slides simultaneously.

This service helps clinicians act on results with confidence, helping them start patients on treatment sooner, and allowing clinicians to focus on capturing value and sustainability for their practices.

pathologist consultation

What’s Involved

Review patients’ cases and more with your pathologist

We have the processes and technology ready to set up video conferencing for you. Whether you have one case to review or several, our pathologists will be prepared to discuss the case(s) and any slides associated with that case.

In addition to patient cases, we can discuss other topics: disease-specific criteria, current peer-reviewed literature on diagnoses and treatments, our pathologists’ training and credentials, our unique quality processes—whatever you feel is pertinent.

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Schedule a collaborative case conference

Collaborative case conferencing is a great way to work directly with your pathologist, as well as review any questions or concerns.  Contact your sales representative or our Client Services team to get started.