Subspecialty Anatomic Pathology

Reliable, high-quality anatomic pathology at Inform Diagnostics starts with our premier team of GU pathologists—all subspecialists. It continues with our wide range of reflex testing options and our investment in modernized systems for seamless and sustainable urologic pathology services.


Our premier urologic pathologists

Many of our urologic pathologists are current or former professors at some of the world’s leading institutions.

Our urologic pathologists are always available to directly answer your questions and leverage their collective expertise (including daily case review conferences) to ensure patients receive the most accurate results.

Subspecialty Expertise

Comprehensive areas of disease focus in urology

At InformDx, our systematic subspecialization is a foundational aspect of our collaborative approach to pathology. This subspecialty expertise, along with experience gained from seeing more cases than the average urologic pathologist, is leveraged during consensus case conferences that help to ensure patients receive the right diagnosis, the first time.

Our urologic pathologists’ subspecialty expertise includes:


  • Detection and screening (including biomarkers of diagnosis)
  • Early cancer (including active surveillance, biomarkers of outcome, and grading)
  • Advanced cancer (including targets and outcomes)

Bladder/urinary tract

  • Detection (including urine cytology and biomarkers of diagnosis/UroVysion)
  • Early cancer (including dysplasia, CIS, superficial tumors, biomarkers of outcome, and staging)
  • Advanced cancer (including staging, variant histology, and targets)


  • Testicular and paratesticular tumors


  • Premalignant and malignant

Urology Testing

Definitive diagnoses for urology patients

Our team of urologic pathologists utilize advanced, in-house testing to provide academic-caliber, definitive diagnoses. Our workflow incorporates reflex send-out testing options including Prolaris® and other testing options for clinicians who request it.

advanced, in-house testing
lab samples

Biopsy Reports

Actionable detail from prostate cancer grading

We provide highly detailed pathology reports to provide maximum clinical value. Learn more about prostate biopsy reports from InformDx.

Risk Prediction

Know their cancer risk with the PINgenius™ Test

Developed by our pathology laboratory services team at InformDx, the PINgenius™ Test allows patients with HG-PIN diagnoses to prepare for the future by predicting the risk of invasive prostate cancer at re-biopsy.

sample examination under microscope
scientists in lab


EHR and workflow optimization

We use interface capabilities to help your practice workflow:

  • Send pathology orders and receive results through EHR interface technology
  • Additional clinical photos and detail sent to aid in pathology diagnoses
  • Bidirectional interface capabilities improve the communication between clinicians and Inform Diagnostics pathologists

“[Inform Diagnostics] has made our life much easier by providing the necessary technology, the most professional service and excellent customer service. We are very happy and grateful about our business relationship.”

Office Manager, Urologist
Houston, TX

Clinical Vignettes

Case studies for urology

We have highlighted patient cases where the subspecialty expertise and collaborative diagnostic approach at InformDx has made a difference—including consultation to identify a rare condition, and further testing to avoid unnecessary surgery for the patient.

Forms & Requisitions

Submit specimens to our uropathology lab

View and download forms for current clients to submit specimens to our uropathology lab and learn how first-time clients can get in touch with our team at InformDx.

Scientific Publications

Recent publications in urology

Inform Diagnostics fosters an academic environment where ongoing research and education are encouraged. We are proud of the peer-reviewed research our uropathologists have published, including pioneering work in areas such as atypical intraductal proliferation, intraductal carcinoma of prostate (IDC-P), PTEN and ERG expression in prostate cancer.

Assessment of prospectively assigned Likert scores for targeted MR imaging-transrectal US fusion biopsies in patients with suspected prostate cancer

Published in Journal of Urology, 2016. Authors: Costa D, Lotan Y, Rofsky NM, Roehrborn C, Liu A, Hornberger B, Xi Y,[...]

View the abstract

An initial negative round of targeted biopsies in men with highly suspicious multiparametric magnetic resonance findings does not exclude clinically significant prostate cancer-preliminary experience

Published in Urologic Oncology, April 2017. Authors: Costa DN, Kay FU, Pedrosa I, Kolski L, Lotan Y, Roehrborn CG, Hornberger B,[...]

View the abstract

Optimal sampling scheme in men with abnormal multiparametric MRI undergoing MRI-TRUS fusion prostate biopsy

Published in Urologic Oncology, January 2019. Authors: Freifeld Y, Xi Y, Passoni N, Woldu S, Hornberger B, Goldberg K, Bagrodia A,[...]

View the abstract