Expert Pathologists

Alejandro Peralta Soler, MD, PhD

Academic Appointments

2005–2006 Assistant Professor of Pathology, Duke University Medical Center

Postdoctoral Training

2004–2005 Fellow, Dermatopathology, Cornell Medical College

2001–2004 Resident, Anatomic Pathology, State University of New York, Downstate Health Science Center (Chief of Residents 2003–2004)

1980–1983 Resident, Anatomic Pathology, National University of Cordoba, Argentina


1986 PhD, Electron Microscopy Center, National University of Cordoba School of Medicine, Argentina

1979 MD, National University of Cordoba School of Medicine, Argentina


2005 Dermatopathology

2004 Anatomic Pathology

Professional Societies

American Society of Clinical Pathology

American Society of Dermatopathology

Cincinnati Dermatology Society

Select Publications

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Gutierrez S, Mukdsi JH, Aoki A, Torres AI, Peralta Soler A, Orgnero EM (2007) Ultrastructural immunolocalization of IGF-1 and insulin receptors in rat pituitary culture: evidence of a functional interaction between gonadotroph and lactotroph cells. Cell Tissue Res. 327:121–32.

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