Expert Pathologists

Amy E. Noffsinger, MD

Vice President, Medical Director, Gastrointestinal Pathology


Academic Appointments

2009–2010 Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

2008–2009 Professor of Pathology, University of Chicago

2003–2008 Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Chicago

2001–2003 Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

1994–2001 Assistant Professor of Pathology, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Postdoctoral Training

1989–1993 Resident in Anatomic Pathology, University of Cincinnati


1989 MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

1983 MA, University of Montana


1994 Anatomic Pathology

Select Publications

Stachler MD, Camarda ND, Deitrick C, Kim A, Agoston AT, Odze RD, Hornick JL, Nag A, Thorner AR, Ducar M, Noffsinger A, Lash RH, Redston M, Carter SL, Davison JM, Bass AJ. Detection of mutations in Barrett’s esophagus before progression to high-grade dysplasia and adenocarcinoma. Gastroenterol 2018;155:156-167.

Redston M, Noffsinger A, Kim A, Akarca FG, Rara M, Stapleton D, Nowden L, Lash R, Bass AJ, Stacheler MD. Abnormal TP53 predicts risk of progression in patients with Barrett’s esophagus regardless of a diagnosis of dysplasia. Gastroenterol 2022 Feb;162(2):468-481. Epub before print.

Glickman J, Noffsinger A, Nevin DT, Ray M, Lash RH, Genta RM. Helicobacter infections with rare bacteria or minimal gastritis: expecting the unexpected. Dig Liver Dis. 2015; 47:549–555.

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Chennat J, Ross AS, Konda VJ, Lin S, Noffsinger A, Hart J, Waxman I. Advanced pathology under squamous epithelium on initial endoscopic mucosal resection specimens in patients with Barrett’s esophagus and high grade dysplasia or intramucosal carcinoma: implications for surveillance and endotherapy management. Gastrointest Endosc. 2009; 70:417–421.

Keswani R, Noffsinger A, Waxman I, Bissonette BM. Clinical use of p53 in Barrett’s esophagus. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2006;15:1243–1249.

Noffsinger A. Neoplastic Risk Assessment in Barrett’s Esophagus: How Far Have We Come? Hum Pathol. 2003; 34:965–967.

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Noffsinger AE, Belli JM, Kretschmer S, Miller MA, Goldman H, Fenoglio-Preiser CM. A unique basal pattern of p53 expression is associated with mutation in colonic mucosa of patients with ulcerative colitis. Histopathology. 2001; 39:482–492.

Fogt F, Wellmann A, Urbanski SJ, Noffsinger A, Poremba C, Zimmerman RL, Alsaigh N. Glut-1 expression in dysplastic and regenerative lesions of the colon. Int J Mol Med. 2001; 7:615–619.

Lyda M, Noffsinger A, Belli J, Fenoglio-Preiser CM. Microsatellite instability and K-ras mutations in patients with ulcerative colitis. Hum Pathol. 2000; 31:665–671.

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Book Chapters

Noffsinger AE. Epithelial neoplasms of the gastrointestinal tract: small intestine. In: Surgical Pathology of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Liver, Biliary Tract and Pancreas. Third edition. Odze, RD, Goldblum JR, eds. Saunders Elsevier, Philadelphia, PA, 2014, pp. 722–736.

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