Subspecialty Anatomic Pathology

Founded in 2004, Therapath provides expert neuropathology services to hospitals and clinicians.

Therapath is a commercial pathology laboratory that specializes in neuropathology testing. Therapath is different from your national or regional lab that performs blood tests or general pathology services.


Our senior medical team

Therapath’s experienced neuropathology team provides services to providers throughout the United States and Canada. Our team of technicians and pathologists are trained in appropriately handling and analyzing biopsies for neuropathology. 

Our Services

Neuropathology services at Therapath

Therapath provides services throughout the United States and Canada.

Our timely services include:

Small Fiber Neuropathy Testing

Therapath provides Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density (ENFD) and Sweat Gland Nerve Fiber Density (SGNFD) testing for the evaluation of Small Fiber Neuropathy. 

Muscle and Nerve Pathology

Therapath provides complete analysis of skeletal muscle and peripheral nerve biopsies. Our technical and professional services include histopathology, enzyme histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, and electron microscopy. 

Brain and Spinal Cord Pathology

Therapath provides expert diagnostic services for the examination of brain and spinal cord tissues removed at autopsy at outside institutions.