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Our team of urologic pathologists provides academic-caliber, definitive diagnoses. Our pathologists utilize advanced, in-house testing, including comprehensive Immunohistochemistry (IHC) panels, to supplement morphological evaluations of difficult cases. We also offer send-out testing options including Prolaris®, Decipher, and Confirm MDX for clinicians who request it. Inform Diagnostics believes in responsible test utilization and only orders tests that are medically appropriate for accurate diagnosis.

advanced urologic testing

Urology Test Offerings

Definitive diagnoses using advanced urologic testing

Our offerings for urology testing give clinicians timely, definitive answers. Our uropathologists are always available to answer clinicians’ questions so they can recommend treatment with confidence.

Service Offering Test Details Category Indications
PINgenius™ An Inform Diagnostics-developed assay combining biomarker and histological interpretation factors Prostate To help predict risk of prostate cancer at rebiopsy for HGPIN patients
PTEN & ERG IHC Biomarkers that detect PTEN deletion and ERG gene fusions Prostate To improve prostate cancer risk stratification
Prostate biopsy evaluation Prostate biopsy evaluation, prostate cancer nomograms (Partin and Han tables) Prostate Prostate cancer detection
PIN4-ERG Multiplex ERG, basal cell markers, and AMACR IHC Prostate To improve prostate cancer detection and resolve atypical diagnosis in prostate biopsies
Prolaris® Gene expression assay Prostate To personalize risk stratification
Genomic Prostate Score® (GPS) Molecular genomic assay Prostate, Bladder To personalize risk stratification
Decipher® Gene expression assay Prostate To personalize risk stratification
ConfirmMDX™ for Prostate Cancer Epigenetic assay Prostate To address false-negative biopsy concerns
Bladder and urinary tract biopsy evaluation Bladder and urinary tract biopsy evaluation and staging Bladder, Urinary Tract Bladder and urinary tract cancer detection
Urine cytology – bladder and renal pelvic wash Cytomophologic analysis of urothelial cells Bladder, Urinary Tract Bladder and urinary tract cancer detection
UroVysion® test FISH measurement of chromosome 3,7,17 and loss of 9p in urothelial cells secreted in urine Bladder To improve bladder cancer detection complementing urine cytology
Renal mass biopsy evaluation Classification of renal tumor in biopsy with application of select tumor markers panel Kidney To aid in treatment decision for renal mass management
Testis biopsy Histological analysis of testis biopsy Testis Infertility evaluation
Testis tumor evaluation Complete evaluation of tumor with utilization of germ cell markers IHC when applicable Testis Evaluation of a mass lesion
Skin biopsy and resections Evaluation of skin lesions affecting penis/scrotum and perineal area Penis, scrotum Evaluation of a skin lesion or mass
HPV genotype In situ hybridization studies of low and high-risk HPV Penis, scrotum To determine HPV risk potential