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High Yield of Lynch Syndrome Screening in Pre-Cancerous Colorectal Polyps: A Study of 898 Patients

Lynch Syndrome research presented at DDW 2011 by Mark Redston, MD and Richard Lash, MD, found that the prevalence of LS among patients with newly diagnosed HGD adenomas in the community practice setting is similar to CRC patients in the same population (3.0% vs. 3.6%). In addition, the prevalence of LS is highest in HGD adenoma patients under age 50, however, more than 50% are older than age 50. Almost 50% of newly diagnosed HGD adenoma patients with probable LS do not meet family or personal history criteria for HNPCC.

These results suggest there is value to routinely screen for LS in patients with HGD adenomas and provide a novel approach for detection of LS prior to the development of cancer.

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