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The Intradepartmental Consultation: Collaborative Teamwork at its Best

There are many quality-control measures and programs in place at Inform Diagnostics Life Sciences that complement our expertise, ensure the highest quality, and promote the most accurate diagnoses. Among them is the intradepartmental consultation. When a pathologist encounters a difficult case, an uncommon diagnosis, an unusual clinical scenario, or a diagnosis that will have significant clinical impact, such as dysplasia in IBD or in Barrett’s mucosa, he or she seeks the consultation of one or multiple colleagues.

The consultation may take place one-on-one in another pathologist’s office, or the pathologist may present the case at the daily intradepartmental consensus conference. At this conference, the case is shown to the entire pathology group to draw on the vast knowledge, experience, and expertise of our pathologists and to promote a discussion that results in a consensus diagnosis. In 2012, there were nearly 9,000 intradepartmental consultations.